Rosario + Vampire: Season 2 in the Works?

In the comments here is a completely unsubstaniated bit of info that R+V will have a second season. (Warning: Episode 9 spoilers).

After watching episode 8, I considered it highly likely. They are still following the manga, but some of them are filler episodes, with no hint that they are in a hurry to get to the main antagonists shown in the ED. Episode 9, for those of you who have read the manga does indeed introduce Rubi, and the comments at the above link would seem to indicate that it is going to be a two-parter. It almost has to be, based on the length; it will take one episode for the summer vacation (even if they drop Yukari’s battle) and one for the final battle, which should be a humdinger. I could see it going three episodes, if they keep the entire storyline intact: Witches Ranch, Getting to Know Rubi; Showdown (not the real titles).

Chapters 18 and 19 were rolled together into episode 7, which shorted Mizore a bit. Episode 8 was about Ririko-sensei. If 9 and 10 are a two-parter, then theoretically, that could leave 11-13 for the build-up and showdown with the main antagonists. That’s possible. If Rubi’s plot is a 3 parter, then we’re pretty much assured a second half-season.

Chapters 8, 9, and 10 of the manga involve the “Public Safety Commission” and IMHO, the manga-ka failed to deal with most of the members. It’s going to be hard to pack all three chapters into only two episodes; three is pushing it, especially if they fix his error.

On the other hand, if this is a 26- episode series, the pacing will definitely stagger somewhat, unless the PSC conflict is dragged out through about episode 15. Of course, it could be an odd number like 22, or 24. Well,those are even numbers, but you know what I mean.

One possibility is that they planned for 13 episodes, and the Witch Hill episodes would have been the end. But the series proved popular enough in Japan that they greenlighted the second half after four or five episodes were broadcast; hence the sudden change in OP and ED.

My only major complaint is how cheap the animation looks. They really need to up the budget a bit.

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  1. jgreely says:

    The guy on the forums jumped to conclusions. The only reference to “Season II” in that trailer is to the relaunch of the manga in November 2007 in Jump Square magazine. (three seconds in, under the header: 2007年 11月 「ジャンプSQ.」…)


  2. Ubu Roi says:

    Yah, again, a forum rumor is generally too weak to make hay from. But in this case, it dovetailed with my thinking that they’ve either got to get a move on with the two largest plots, or run out of time. They’ve got 5 episodes to cram in the Witch Hill and Public Safety Commission storylines. Doable, but the ED hints that we will see some variation of the vampire blood transfusion and out-of-control Tskune, pitting alt-Moka against the other girls. They could use it in the PSC story, I suppose, but then they’d be trying to shoehorn in a third major plot.

    This hasn’t got the feel of a 20+ episode series like Shana II did by episode 6 (let alone 8), but 13 is getting less and less likely. Or maybe I’m just hoping it is, because I don’t want to see a rushed-up trainwreck ending.

    Wait, this is Gonzo. Oh sh—

  3. jgreely says:

    There are screenshots on the official site that show the contents of episode 10; it seems pretty clear that Rubi’s story is a two-parter. No more episode titles yet, though.

    I agree that they’ve got the material to do a second season, either dark or light. Whatever their future plans, though, I think they’re keeping this one light, and my reason is the character songs. They used Kurumu’s and Yukari’s in the swimsuit episode, and I gather they used Moka’s in the Liliko episode. That suggests they’re going to take time in the upcoming episodes for Mizore and Rubi’s solo songs, as well. I figure the group single (“The Kappuchu”) will get used as the final episode’s ED song.


  4. jgreely says:

    I just skimmed through the raw of episode 9 on Youtube. It loosely covers chapter 13 and half of 14, leaving an awful lot of Rubi’s story to cover. They fit Mizore in pretty smoothly, but broke continuity in a very significant way at the end of the episode, adding a serious plot complication. Episode 10 is either going to be very, very tight (something they haven’t shown a talent for), or it’s going to continue into 11. Or it could suck. I think the odds are pretty even. 🙂

    On the bright side, somebody finally shuts up Chuu. Too late to save us from his appearance at the beach, unfortunately.


  5. Ubu Roi says:

    I don’t know what all the hate is for Chuu. He just takes the place of the encyclopedia and adds a bit of silliness. Still, I’m in agreement, the odds are even….

  6. jgreely says:

    I haven’t seen a lot of the anime, but I think he’s generally a positive change, adding visual humor and occasionally-too-long exposition. The two scenes I’m trying not to spoil are both funny, but after the first one, he deserves the second one.


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