Another Take on Rosario + Panchira

So I checked out today’s Megatokyo strip, only to notice that Dom had posted a brand new rant…about R+V!

You may ask why I consider Rosario + Vampire to be the dumbest on a list of very dumb shows I’ve watched in the past. You may also ask what that blatant image is doing at the top of my rant. The second question answers the first. The level of fan service is so high, and such a focal point of the show, that I firmly believe that my He-Man rule applies to it: “If society has to choose between being remembered solely by He-Man (or, in this case, R+V) and being condemned to permanent and irrevocable destruction, society will choose destruction.”

I mean, the default camera angle involves knee level – you don’t count panty shots when we’re watching this show, you count each scene where the girl’s skirt miraculously manages to cover her frilly underthings. According to the official staff blog, each writer’s meeting for the show involves serious discussions of character panties.

If you want meaning, plot, or anything of substance, you’re not going to find it here. As I mentioned before, I am convinced that watching this show has a negative impact on my intellect – each time I watch it, its inanity causes parts of my brain to set themselves on fire in protest. Hell, each time a new episode airs, I let my friends know with conversations similar to this exchange with Hodgepodge:

Dom: Let’s get stupid TOGETHER
Hodgepodge: OU!
Friend: What are you guys watching?
Hodgepodge: Rosario + Vampire
Dom: Or, what I like to call The Dumbening.
Hodgepodge: Indeed, pantsu-fest.

Why do I watch a show this dumb, you ask? Why do I submit myself to a show I heap such abuse on? Why do I have to turn my English Literature degree face-down every time I fire it up, as if it’s a picture of my wife and I’m cheating on it?

Because I like the ending song.

I wish I was kidding about this.

I like the visuals myself…. as I said before, nekkid alt-Moka ftw.

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11 Responses to Another Take on Rosario + Panchira

  1. Has the show given us that “win” yet?

  2. I’ve been reading your spoilers. So here’s a spoilerish question, and I’ll see if I can get the tags right:

    [spoiler]Moka is high-school age, but she’s also a magical creation of the Rosario, effectively. I’m beginning to get the impression that alt-Moka, the true form, may well be much older than that. Vampires don’t age, and she might even be hundreds of years old. Any hints about that?[/spoiler]

  3. Ubu Roi says:

    None, but that’s been my guess also. As I’ve speculated elsewhere, I think she actually is fairly high caste, though we’ve seen nothing in either anime or manga to confirm that or hint as to the government, if any, among youkai. Clearly they have to have one to decide on the coexistence policy.

    As for the win, it’s broadcast, so not fully. However, click the “Ending song” link above for the ED. Definitely 0.6 Rushunas or better. Since you invented the scale, I’ll let you make the final call. 🙂

    Edit: being Youtube, the quality is crappy, and the widescreen is forced to 4:3 so the proportions are off.

  4. It’s hard to say for sure, both because the fidelity sucks and because the aspect ration is wrong, but I’d say you’re probably right that it’s about 0.6.

  5. Owen S says:

    As a fan of this show, and not a tsundere one like Sir. English Literature Degree Dom, I demand to know what this “win” is all about.

  6. IKnight says:

    Najica Blitz Tactics and Agent Aika have more pantsu, if I recall correctly. And I prefer to watch this with my prospective Lit degree face up, muttering to myself about the colour symbolism of panties and the role of bloodsucking as an intimate act.

    So yeah, no need to turn that degree down like he’s cheating on his wife. Rather, take her along and have a threesome! [To horribly extend the simile.]

  7. Ubu Roi says:

    And chapter 27 was posted this morning. Vedddddy interestink. That priest is really worrying me….

    Update: I was wrong about the locket/seal. It’s not to seal his power… it’s to channel it — although Tskuné’s not aware of that. He’s now suffering from bloodsucking urges like Moka, and kicks the butt of one youkai that threatens her. Of course, the lighter side is still there; Yukari misunderstands something and spreads a rumor that Tskuné pushed Moka down and molested her. This makes both Mizoré and Kumuru terribly jealous; the latter enough to glomp-assault Tskuné.

    Dammit, where’s a horny succubus when I need one?

  8. jgreely says:

    The title of chapter 28 is Sentaku = “Choice”.

    And if you find a reliable source of horny succubusts, you know where to reach me.


  9. Ubu Roi says:

    Given that Chapter 27 was “Promise,” that sounds ominous.

    Re: succu-busts… If you don’t hear from me, you know I solved the problem of becoming their slave….


  10. Ubu Roi says:

    Possibly NSFW.

    It’s a lousy picture, but better than that Youtube crap. From that shot, she might be 0.7, which would push Kumuru to 0.8. Definitely looking forward to seeing both in swimsuits next week. Oh wait, we won’t see Moka in one. Drat.

  11. I think, from that picture, she rates maybe 0.75 Rushunas.

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