Reika, What????

Holy double twist, Batman! Goshushou-sama Ninomiya-kun may be trying to develop a plot!

Well, my money’s really on this being a weird head-fake, and the leader of the military group is going to be the Yuki-clone, who will no doubt end up transferring into the same school, “Whacky hijinks ensue,” and all that; but they did get around to all-but-confirming at least one of my growing suspicions this episode….

Spoiler: It’s not Mayu we’re seeing in the flashbacks, it’s Reika! That’s why they shade everything orange, so we can’t tell the hair color. So, of course she’s got MPD, and just to top it off, her alternate personality may be a succubus also? What? What? WTFOMG? (I think not, Shungo jumped to a conclusion). At the very least, her alternate personality is definitely un-conflicted about what she wants and what she’ll do to get it.

But who the hell’s in the submarine and out to take them prisoner? Wait, was there actually a story behind a military helicopter dropping Mayu off at school? Is Ryoko behind this, and is there actually something to the scene in the first episode where she was fighting in a battle?

I really am not expecting much, but the show just got at least five times more interesting….

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6 Responses to Reika, What????

  1. baseball68 says:

    If you’re curious, I suggest you NOT watch Shana 5. It’s not a complete catastrophe, but even I won’t defend that episode, and my guess is that it’ll only infuriate you. *sigh*….

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    I watched it. I set my sights very low, and I was not disappointed in the lowness. On the other hand, I had a ball laughing at all the band aids on Willhelimina’s fingers. Judging from the preview, we have one more episode of this before they’re going to try to tell a story involving, you know, Flame Hazes and Tomogara. That will be 2 horror, and four teen angst episodes by the end of ep. 6. Ridiculous.

    It is not a good sign that at this point, I feel more positive about GSNK than I do about Shana. That’s not to say that Shana isnt’ the better show, but GSNK is not the one coming in below reasonable expectations.

  3. baseball68 says:

    I also found Wilhelmina’s preposterous declarations of how great the meal would be hilarious. Shana being nice to Willhelmina was also nice; there was a little character development for both her and Shana. But with Yuji not even figuring things out after Ike’s hint–well, the only way to save character consistency is if Yuuji’s somehow been unconsciously affected by Konoe, which makes him act abnormally stupid. Either that, or the writers just think everyone in high school’s a bit dense–I’m surprised Ogata hasn’t figured out what’s going on either. There will, at least, also be a payoff of sorts, when the mystery of the bracelets is settled.

  4. Ubu Roi says:

    Plural? I saw the butler’s. Whose did I miss?

    Ah, who am I kidding? We need more of this, instead:


  5. baseball68 says:

    Konoe also has a bracelet, which wasn’t emphasized in as overt a fashion, but is still noticeable in earlier eps.

  6. Will says:

    Yuuji’s obliviousness is a stupid crutch used far too often in just about any anime genre. If all Japanese men were this oblivious, even in their mid-to-late teens, it’s a wonder they’d have kept the island populated this long.

    That’s why I’m in lurv with Mao-neechan in Kimi-kiss. Apparently a couple years away in France taught here to not be a disfunctional angst machine when it comes to the opposite sex. She picks up on the subtle hints of romance between friends, points those hints out to the parties involved, and slaps them up-side the head when they don’t act on them. She’s a breath of fresh air I tell you.

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