Report of Bootleg Product

Finally got off my arse and sent the email tonight.

To whom it may concern,

Recently, I decided to purchase a copy of the animé series Vandread, and Vandread Second Stage. Because I had missed the Geneon clearance sale and my favorite online retailer no longer had the full series in stock, I went looking on Ebay. I found a good deal from a store there and ordered.

However, I was very disappointed in the quality of the packaging, and what I thought were some other peculiarities in it. I posted my thoughts on my blog here:

One of my commentors suggested I probably had purchased a bootleg, and as a persual of the above links will show, I rapidly became convinced he was correct. I was extremely stunned to see just how much animé on Ebay is bootleg, and since they won’t do anything about it, I have decided to write you directly. I am offering to send you my purchased copy as evidence, and submit a signed and notarized statement of where and how I purchased it (under my real name, of course). I assume these will be of some use in pressuring the retailer and/or Ebay to cease offering a product produced illegaly by a company which does not remand any royalties to you.

Please respond to this email address with any further requests for information or instructions on what actions I need to take to follow up on this offer. I attach only one condition to my offer: I will deal only with Geneon or it’s licensee Pioneer. I have no interest in dealing with any arm of the RIAA, owing to a strong disagreement with their tactics and work on behalf of the music industry. I await your response.


Ubu Roi

Nothing to do now but wait and see what kind of reply they send. I figure I’ll get the canned one, which is probably “send us the discs now and repent your evil ways, scum!” I really don’t have patience for that, but we’ll see.

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