4Kids, Sailor Moon Ripoffs, and Seiyuu

Just because I can’t access the site’s email server while at work, I’m doing a quick post to answer some questions of SDB.

4Kids also did One Piece.  They are famous, er, infamous, for editing, “dumbing down,” and “kiddiefying” several series, especially that one.  (Is that a word? It is now.)  The rank-and-file otakusphere has much hate for them. If there was any fanserivce or intelligence to the show he mentioned, it’s likely gone, insofar as R1 is concerned.

Shizaru is a VERY major character in Godannar; arguably #3 or 4 lead–and my favorite from it.  See here and here.  Oddly though, I think her American VA (Tiffany Grant) was a better fit to the character.

And I’ve still got to go back and add the pictures to some old posts moved from Houblog.

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