Brynhyldr in the Darkness

So, back when I was watching Astra, being annoyed at Funi’s player led me back to CR, where a series of time-wasting links dropped me into this 2014 anime. Shortly after starting to watch it

, I realized I had watched two episodes some time ago, and then stopped. It didn’t take long for me to figure out why — the utter um-beliveability of Kana’s surviving being a total paralytic, and Kuroha being able to keep her alive and well.

Caring for a complete invalid is a full-time job — been there, done that. Well, close enough. That and “witches” obviously being manufactured espers, which also, mixing genre terms annoyed me no end. Well, this time I just rolled my eyes and went with it… and while it was no Astra, it definitely was worth it. It mixed horror with lite harem comedy, and actually pulled it off fairly well. The narrative did suffer though, in conversion to the anime.

Reading a few of the reviews reveals that this is a 100-chapter manga adapted into 12 episodes. That means a lot of arcs got cut out, and many items got shorted – especially the final battle which was a tad cliche’, but still, it hung together remarkably well. Warning: Pretty girls die. Ryoha Murakami, the male protagonist, is unhealthily obsessed with the childhood friend who died, but it makes sense, given that he has an eiditic memory — the accident which killed Kuroneko and gravely injured him is as fresh in his memory as yesterday. Seeing Kuroha , her spitting image, every day only makes it that much more “real” to him.

I do think that Kuroha’s motives are a little too noble and altruistic given the situation she’s in, and the short life she expects to lead. Perhaps if they had done a 24 episode season, the extra time would have fleshed out her motives better. I am not sure about the whole “alien” thing that the events of several years ago are built around. I may be missing something, but the connection with the dam, the accident that “killed” Kurneko, and her seeing an alien isn’t very clear , nor the reason she was made a witch. Definitely a refrigerator moment, and I don’t mean Perry.

The first OP was really good; I hated the second by comparison. Animation was, in a word, awful at times. Classic Deen. I can’t recommend this show highly, but I’d give it a solid C+ for cute girls

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, character progression, and the dramatic tension. Even when they’re having a good time, it feels like death is just around the corner… because it is.

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  1. Mauser says:

    I remember watching and reviewing that on my blog. And yeah, that OP was epic.

    There definitely were some severe logistical problems with the setup, and all the bleeding for dramatic impact.

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