Safehold: the Snooze-fest.

David Weber’s latest novel in the battle for the future of humanity’s tortured name-spelling has come out, and I’ve finally finished it after three days. That’s not good, for someone who routinely reads such books in a single day.

This novel could have been compressed to a few chapters at the start of the next novel. In fact, I’m going to try to recap it in 25 words or less:

  • Snarky, interchangeable people. Youth romances; old farts die; Charis innovates. Siddemark collapses; elects Democrats. Harchong disintegrates into civil war. FINALLY, the avatar of Schuler appears in Zion…and declares war on Chihiro.

Dammit, 32. Well, everything but that last was just a mish-mash of “who are these people again?” and “Lets waste time with boring stuff and refrigerator moments.” The “inner circle” is now about the size of Tellemark. The SNARC’s and Narhman develop glaring blind spots. No unhappy marriages of state; everyone happily falls in love with their Destined One. Illiterate Harchongese peasants become Republicans overnight. Lots of the usual “David Weber introduces a character for a page and a half

, then kills him/her.” He spends half a page giving a background to a woman that’s never seen again.

Really, wasted my money buying a setup to the next arc. That’s all this is. Too many novels in this series are just… wastes. Nothing really happens… shades of Robert Jordan.

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