Yes, I’m still alive. No, I’m not watching much anime. No, I’m not even motivated to talk about manga and LN’s. I’m also busy at work.

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  1. Brickmuppet says:

    So you’re working. That’s good to hear!
    How goes the recovery otherwise?

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    Will be off the blood thinners soon, which is good. I’ve got some dental work pending. My voice is back, though it’s more of a case of my voice box coping rather than everything working right. The right vocal cord is still non-functional, but it shifted enough on its own that the doc didn’t have to force it to. The left one is doing all the work, meaning I get sore throats a lot and don’t have the power and range I used to. But it’s not like I sang opera. Or at all.

    On the downside, I regained all my weight.

  3. topmaker says:

    Slow as it is, it’s good to see you on the mend.

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