NewsFlash! This Season Reeks!

So, I actually spent some time watching anime Sunday. I thought last season was bad. I only thought this season looked worse. Dear Kami-sama, what the hell is Japan doing?

Samurai Girls 2 (Samurai Bride): I was skipping by ten minutes into it. By 15 I was retching. They took all the best parts of the original mediocre show…. and locked them away. An 8th-grader could do better than this. And the annoying spots are even worse.

Mushi-Bug-whatever Didn’t make it out of the OP. “Bleach with bugs.”

some Majestic Prince-thingy I actually watched the whole thing. Well, except for the parts I didn’t. This was supposed to be comedy? Can’t tell the characters apart, shallow, logic to the winds, and a crew chief I’d love to see on screen more. Except I’d have to watch this show.

Nyarko-san 2: Not even massive breaches of the 4th wall could save this. Another one where the best parts of the original mediocre show were locked away.

Back to Minecraft for another three months.

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7 Responses to NewsFlash! This Season Reeks!

  1. Brickmuppet says:

    Indeed. A vast wasteland of fail.

    I was hoping for some fun from Nyarko (foolish I know) but lord…they didn’t exactly RUIN it…it was crap before…but it occasionally had made me laugh. The second season is merely execrable.

    It’s a shame no one is legally streaming Yamato 2199. I’ve been keeping up with that and it is really well done.

  2. Mauser says:

    Minecraft, ah, that explains where you’ve been all this time.

  3. I’m still holding out hope for Railgun S. Tomorrow… can hardly wait.

  4. Ubu Roi says:

    “You’re our last hope, Obi-wan Mikoto…”

  5. zakueins says:

    So far, only Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, Valvrave the Liberator, and Majestic Prince has any remote hope of making my Crunchyroll subrcription worthwhile.

    Everything else? Blows monkey chunks. More time to rewatch the Blu Ray Macross Frontier.

  6. Ubu Roi says:

    Railgun S is goodr, but I think they’re making Mikoto a little overpowered.
    Hentai Prince is about what I expected from the manga. Tolerable first episode.
    My Teen Romantic Comedy is the surprise thus far; the dialog isn’t up to Bakemonogatari levels, but it is pretty clever.
    Edit: I also tried two episodes of Valvrave. Unique giant robot piloted by a high-school kid — there’s three strikes against it right there. But it’s set up some interesting twists, and I like the studio’s attention to detail. For instance, at one point, there’s a gunfight, and one of the secondary characters spends a moment to pop his clip, check the ammo, and then reload. The dynamics with the enemy team leader are interesting too. Of course, there’s some angsting going on with the love life, but even that’s atypical. None of the clichés are in evidence, and girl B is being rather circumspect at the moment.

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