No, seriously. If you thought Brickmuppet’s foray into Monstergirls was perhaps a bit risque, then DON’T follow this link to Mangahere. ABSOLUTELY NOT SAFE FOR WORK, not to mention your wife, girlfriend, or mom. That was a bit more than I expected from MH (although it’s not the first time, so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised).

At least Haru, the male in the middle, isn’t a non-sexual blob of stupidity, and knows what he likes.

Wait, isn't he the object of your affection?

Yes, that’s a chainsaw for an arm. She’s a mad scientist cyborg. Her rival is a mad science biochemist, who managed to cross herself with her pet dog, and ended up with huge breasts. Lactating breasts. It goes downhill from there folks. (Picture below the fold. NSFW – you haf bin varned.)


Well, the cyborg chick thinks better of chopping the guy into mincemeat (of course they’re all childhood friends), and then the girls decide to compete for him by finding his missing key. The doggie girl releases a squad of mice to search, while the cyborg girl unleashes her backpack of hands/grapples/tentacles. Of course, you know where this is going, right? Malfunctions and misdirected mice make Haru happy. And that’s where it gets really NSFW. (Why did she have those little milking thimbles on a couple of her tentacles? And that mouse went where???)

Sheesh. This thing belonged on Fakku. And if I interpret the titles and color pages correctly, there’s at least one more girl coming, with maybe 2-3 after that! So now we’ve got airplane girls, monstergirls, cyborg/doggirls (that’s almost normal — which is scary)… have we missed any other fetish girls?

UPDATE: Apparently Mangahere agreed with me about it belonging elsewhere. The upload’s been deleted.

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  1. jgreely says:

    I checked on Amazon, and volume 4 includes an original Blu-ray animation.


  2. Brickmuppet says:

    The Mayans were right. They just didn’t specify that it’s a slow squalid end.

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