Now That’s What You Call A “Point Failure”

It’s already over with by the time I noticed but this couldn’t have been good:

Research In Motion (RIM), the company that owns Blackberry, has experienced a worldwide infrastructure problem. RIM identified a core switch failure and noted that their fail-over to a redundant core switch failed to perform properly. There has been a cascading effect in message queues backing up worldwide as a result of the failure. RIM states that all messages will eventually be delivered as the system catches up on the backlog. In fact, RIM now states that most overseas customers are returning to normal operations. However, there continues to be a backlog of messages to be delivered in the North American markets. RIM continues to state that they are unable to provide an ETA as to when the backlog will finish processing. Thus these issues continue to have a sporadic impact on various City of Houston users of the Blackberry Services.

One switch fails and the whole world’s Blackberry messages back up? I sincerely hope our military and civilian leadership is ready for this node to either fail or be taken over by the Chinese if/when a war occurs.

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