Fall Season Re-preview

So, over a month ago, I posted a little bit on the upcoming shows for Fall — though I had very little to go on, and so it was more snark than information. Well, we’ve gotten a lot closer to the Fall season, and the regular websites are preparing their big posts (Arodouc should post his this weekend). As luck would have it, I’ve picked up a bit more information myself, and I’m cautiously optimistic that there might be some decent shows. I saw the combined previews, which help a little bit. Unfortunately, they weren’t subbed, and as I don’t read moon-script, sometimes I can’t tell which show they’re advertising. As I have nothing better to do than write about it, here goes my update.

Chihayafuru: From the preview, the fail is so great, it cannot hope to be epic.

Guilty Crown: Boy with psychic power meets girl, mechas and revolution ensues. Code Geass in reverse? But surprisingly, this had one of the best looking previews. It’s not emphasizing the mechas much in the preview, which is good. First episode on 10/13. OP and ED are by Supercell and EGOIST, respectively.

Un-Go: Looks like its political intrigue and backstabbing. Or just plain stabbing. It’s set in a near future post-war Tokyo, and is a detective mystery. More information here. Doesn’t look like my cup of tea; the character designs look like CLAMP was here. First episode 10/13

Persona 4: Mecha and more mecha. Doesn’t look like my speed. ED is by Lotus Juice? First episode 10/6

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon: The description was either mistranslated or this show is just too complex to shoehorn into one paragraph. Looks highly kinetic, the girls are cute; it’s a fantasy world with something resembling mecha, but personal combat with melee weapons too. Unfortunately, the OP stresses the mecha Might be a fanservice show, but they weren’t pushing it much in the preview, and the male lead looks particularly insipid. Premieres October first. Minori Chihara does the opening song, as well as voice one of the characters.

Fate/Zero: The prequel to Fate Stay/Night, telling the story of the 4th Grail war. Ufotable is a definite upgrade over Studio Deen. Wonder if we could get KyoAni to go back and re-do Fate/Stay Night? Is the world ready for Haruhi Suzumiya as Rin Tohsaka? Aniplex will be streaming it in 8 languages on NicoNico, but each episode is available for only a week. Premieres 10/1

Shiryakui? Ika Musume: Squid Girl, the sequel. Yet another case of hilariously inappropriate music — this time, dark and melodramatically serious. Premiers early, on 9/26.

Last Exile: Farn, the Silver Wing. It seems to be an alternate retelling, from the early buzz. And some folks aren’t happy with Gonzo over it.

Gundam Age: Looks like it’s aimed at kids, actually. Older ones, but kids, nonetheless. I got an impression that it might be a post-technological world, with the Gundams being relics of a past age. And it turns out I’m not too far off. It’s set in the future, but is multi-generational, spanning 100 years. It sounds ambitious, if nothing else. Starts 10/9.

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinesai!!: Starts broadcast 10/1. Adaptation of a hentai game; one guy, lots of warrior babes at a high-school. And yes, it’s a fanservice fest, with mediocre animation. But…

It will have heavy competition from MAKEN-KI. I hadn’t seen anything about it having an anime prior to the preview, but I have read the manga. Not that great, but the girls are seriously cute and its crammed with pantyshots — and more. I got the distinct impression (Hell, it’s obvious) that the cable versions are going to be quite racy. Oh, the plot. Such as it is, a lazy guy picks his school for having lots of cute girls and no entrance exam. Only he discovers that they’re all elemental combat magic-users — and the cliques are just killer! (Ok, not killer, killer, but I suspect the MCSA will make a few appearances.) Starts 10/4

Lupin III: Nothing new on this, disappointingly.

Mirai Nikki: Animation looks a little sub-par (ok, a lot sub-par), and Yuuni suffers from faithfulness to the artist’s character design. Frankly, she’s ugly. No 9 is just as bad.

Shakuagan no Shanna III Final: Frankly the PV did not make me want to watch it. 10/3.

Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle: Another WTF? description that comes off poorly. And the PV is worse. The description screams “run away!” The show looks to be about people trying to survive puzzle/trap dungeons for fun and profit.

C3: Looks like it’s going to emphasize the worst aspects of the manga: cute girls and violence. Premieres 10/1, and frankly, the female lead’s voice grates on me.

Ben-to: “Supermarket survival battle” for half-price bento. That’s right. Disturbingly, the girls are almost cute enough to make me want to watch it. Yui Horie and Yukari Tamura have joined the cast. First episode 10/8.

Battle Sprites: RUN. AWAY. NOW.

Cross Fight B: I’m fairly sure that one of the previews was for this show, but it was hard to tell among all the other mecha crap.

Haganai: (?) Not sure of the title or series, as I can’t match it to anything else. It looks like it might be Mashiro-iro Symphony, in which case it’s worse than I thought. First episode is 10/6

The Color of Lovers: Not sure what the Japanese equivalent title is — this might be Tamayura? Cute girls, catballs, meido, and a whiff of dating sim.

Working!!: Looks to be more of the same as the first season. Starts 10/1

Totally unrelated to the next season, Gen Urobuchi is trying to find a way to cash in on Madoka’s success.

That’s all I have for now…

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