Saving Grace? (updated)

…of this season may be the one thing I didn’t expect, not that it’s a TV anime. I’d been wondering the other day, what happened to the Negima OVA’s. I didn’t see how it could have lacked the popularity to continue. Well, worry no more, it turns out that they were to busy doing a Negima movie. Somehow, I missed that. And what’s more — it comes out TODAY!!! I really missed that!

Well, way to make my day. It doesn’t look like the raw in on the net just at the moment, but I’m hoping for a decent sub to be out by the end of next week. Per the manga, it’s supposed to be the “final” Negima, and will have a different ending (I think written by Akamatsu) from the anime. It’s explicitly stated that the manga will diverge. I assume, based on that, and the subject of the last two years of OVA’s, that it will contain the end of the Magic World arc. Frankly, it’s too epic to fit in it’s entirety, but I’m still hoping for a good show.

Update: ok, now I’m confused. The manga itself says its coming out on the 27th, but Crunchyroll says Spring 2012. So did the translators botch it, and what it says is that the announcement would be made on the 27th? If so, that’s confusing because if you’ve announced that you’re going to make an announcement of XYZ, then you’ve announced it by making the announcement of the announcement.

Marketing makes my head hurt.

And reading further into the article solves the issue. Hayate and Negima weren’t released on DVD, they were theatrical releases as a double bill. And each of them announced that the DVD would be released with a future copy of the manga, in 2012. So the only way I’m going to see it earlier is if there’s another godawful camrip, like with Melancholy. Save me, Oharuih!

But hey, that means there will be a Hayate movie available around the same time. Not bad compensation for my disappointment.

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