Briefly, Gosick

I realized pretty quick that the mysteries were the weakest part of this series. As it kept on, and the political intrigue came to the fore, I thought that was perhaps the strongest part — it was definitely the main course, for which the mysteries just served to set the table. But now, listening to the soul-ripped screams of Victorique, I’ve realized that no, she is the greatest part of this series. Kujo the Annoying has his moments; Avril the Ever-Disappointed has hers, but it is the humanizing of Victorique that is the story here.

This series continues to get better as it goes along. We are now in the final arc, and I cannot tell where it will end. Pain and loss have been foreshadowed quite effectively here, and if the story sometimes still has its faults, it has become more powerful every week. In this rare case, it truly appears that the author mastered his trade as he went along; creating a striking tapestry of two young people, one of whom has a fateful destiny prepared for her, and the other who is determined to either save her from it… or suffer it with her.

I can’t unreservedly recommend this series, thanks to the poor mystery-writing at the start, nor have I seen the end… but it has moved to the top of my must-see list every week. Granted, against weak competition, but still….

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