Well, Oops, I Guess….

I thought I’d posted an update last night, but apparently I only previewed, and didn’t save it. Oh well.

Anyway, the subject of the update was simply that my order from RACS got in amazingly fast. Apparently, the best option was USPS, so I put it in late late Monday night (Tuesday A.M.) and got it Thursday afternoon. Awesome speed — Thanks Robert!

I decided to start in on Sgt.Frog It took a while, but it finally started growing on me about the time the third one showed up (the combat-crazy corporal). It’s not a whacky and bizarre as Excel Saga (which Funimation is re-releasing and I highly recommend to connoisseurs of fine insanity everywhere), but it does kind of head in that general direction. And yes, Natsumi is awesome, and so is her mom.

This show represents a change for me, in that I’m listening to the dub, not the sub. Funi took ADV-like liberties with the dialog, and the result is rather topical, but much funnier. It was, at best, grin-worthy before, but in English Natsumi’s deadpan snarks are so much better. And some of the jokes have cracked me up. Oh, no killer belly laughs like Excel, but entertaining, nonetheless.

Unfortunately, into every life some rain must fall, and it appears to have fallen on disc 2. For some reason, episode 10 will not play properly. I get to the end of 9, and blat. After multiple computer programs and finally fighting it in the VCR, I was able to pick up somewhere after the midpoint of the episode, and complete the disk without further trouble. Guess I’m going to have to email Robert and see what’s up. One-off, or have there been any other problems?

Oh well, on to disc 3.

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