I should have seen that one coming. I forgot that Fate’s other name was Tertium And now we’ve got everything that implies… three times over. Kotaru, Sayo, Yuuna, Beatrix, and Chachamaru are down and the casualty count’s about to get much higher.

They need Negi. Now. And Nagi. Plus Jack Rakan for good measure. Then they might just have a chance…

In other news, the next Negima OAD is out, this one being all about Yue’s plight after being trans-located and losing her memory. I think it’s probably the best one yet. The others suffer by being made from filler material, being a transition in the story, or requiring many skips, but this was a pretty self-contained side story, and a good one at that.

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  1. Oh, heck. The last one looks like a girl, donchathink?

  2. Also: now we know why he volunteered information instead of letting Nodoka read his mind.

  3. Ubu Roi says:

    I’m just hoping that the fact that there’s three and aligned with specific elements means they’re individually weaker. There’s nothing to base that hope on though. (Based on the Stone Pillar of Hades spell, I’d say Tertium was Earth-based.)

  4. PatBuckman says:

    I actually think that it is worse than it looks at first glance.

    1. Latin ordinals can end in -us (male), -a (female), and -um (neuter). That and all the mention of dolls implies that the Averruncus are themselves neuter. Yet one is clearly female. (Look at the hips, and the different cut of the clothing.)

    2. The bad guys have a big ol’ collection of minds in cold storage. The use of appointment kind of suggests that the dolls are activated by pulling an able and compatable mind out of storage and loading it into the doll. (Some brainwashing might also occur.)

    3. We know, or at least it is implied, that the first and second are dead, and one of these may have activated the third. I think the third, Fate, may have died or been seen back to storage, and thus activated the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth.

    4. Look at the elemental alignments, hair, body language and techniques of the fourth the fifth, and the sixth. Do they remind you of any other known characters, especially missing ones, or ones known to be in storage? Rakan, Nagi, and Arika are already here.

    On the good side Negi can finally meet his parents. And maybe he can unbrainwash them.

    On the bad side that is a combo that would be very tough to beat. TPK anyone? And what if they are not brainwashed?

    On the ugly side Matricide, Patricide, and teacher killing are worth a fair amount of badass points in this context. Killing them for good might net Negi a bunch of hero levels.

    On the silly side Fifth/Sixth OTP. I also want a picture of them with their kids also in those sort of bodies, a family picture sort of thing.

    On the bright side I don’t see any fatalities yet. For all of those sick and tired of Fate’s personality, the new guys probably won’t be much like him, unless it is a brainwashing artifact. I’m thinking we haven’t seen Nagi’s combat face, so that the Fifth’s combat face is Nagi’s and not brainwashing.

  5. PatBuckman says:

    Very sorry for the spoilers. I meant to have the list in 4, and the text for each of the sides hidden in spoilers.

  6. Ubu Roi says:

    Sorry Pat, somehow I missed yet another group of messages in storage — for two weeks this time.

    As for spoilers, most of it is speculation, and the rest, I got it.

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