Gut Check

Natsumi rules, dog-boys drool.

Seriously, she’s all but pissing in her panties here (Akamatsu’s got more taste than that), but picks herself up and keeps going.

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2 Responses to Gut Check

  1. I thought those guys got shut down. Surprising that they’re still doing it.

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    OneManga got shut down, but MangaFox is either ignoring any C&D order or hasn’t been served. OM’s trying to keep traffic up by doing everything but linking to the actual sites, but after trying to find a couple of groups and being frustrated by those damn “echo” search sites that respond to any search term you enter into Google, I’ve given up. OM’s completely irrelevant now. MF’s annoying though, with those talking/musical commercials. It may pay the bills, but its jarring to hear a commercial in the middle of my music.

    Why don’t browsers have a volume control?

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