Soredemo Machi Wa Mawatteiru

Or the Seaside Maid Cafe, whatever.

It’s not my usual cup of tea, but then they don’t serve tea there. (“Only coffee? What kind of maid cafe doesn’t serve TEA????” Answer: the liberal astroturf kind.) Heh. Ok, this wasn’t really high on my list, lacking fanservice, cute girls (or catgirls) or much of anything else that normally attracts me. Except, as it turns out, a zany sense of humor that plays off the fact that this “maid cafe” is anything but. The narrator’s over-the-top seriousness helps as a counterpoint of what should be to what is. The obvious love triangle is mostly “enh,” but the absolute winning moment is the ED. The OP’s not bad, but the ED… well it rocks.

Come to think of it, that’s not a positive indication for my interest lasting the season, is it? So far, it’s ok, but it’s nothing I’d make time for every week.

Meido Rock Band FTW!

Arashiyama Hotori (the dark haired girl on the right) is probably the female lead. No refinement whatsoever, clumsy, about as smart as a door rock.
Harihana (the drummer) is as ugly as they come. In the first episode, she acts as Tatsuno’s henchwoman to “help” Hotori behave as a maid.
Blonde girl, unknown, but it looks like she’s the fanservice vehicle, with that cut. She doesn’t show up in episode 1, but given her “personality” in the OP, I expect her to be somewhat rude. She’ll fit right in.
Toshiko Tatsuno, (on the far left), is the other leg of the love triangle. She’s dizty for maid cafes, and knows just how to be a proper maid. She’s very disappointed in Hotori’s lack of both skill and inclination to learn. When she learns Sanada hangs out here, she hires on.
Yuji Sanada (not shown) is the guy at the point of the triangle. He’s nothing amazing, just the son of a fishmonger. He’s sweet on Hotori, Tatsuno is sweet on him, nobody tells anyone of their crush, ho-hum.
Uki is the old lady who runs the place.. she has no idea what a maid cafe should be, but she likes maid outfits.

Someone described this as maybe being Natsu no Arashi done right, but I think that depends on your tastes. NnA was over the top, and involved the supernatural. There was a lot more fanservice, and the male lead was… well, a 13-year old in love, meaning he was a total jackass. Funny, but a jackass nonetheless, and that turned some people off, especially since he was the center of the show. The male lead here is less important than the female, and the humor is much more subdued, if equally quirky at times. The female lead is no Arashi, lacking her wit, grace, charm, and looks. How bad? Her teacher, seeking to compliment her over Tatsuno, is finally reduced to saying, “You have better eyesight!”

Ok, I’ve said about all I can about this show. Now on to the next one.

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