Fanservicey Time

Like I said about Another World, they skipped to some fanservicey time, courtesy of Setsuna and Asuna.

Quite NSFW below the fold, naturally, and not behind spoiler tags, since there’s not really much text, it’s just cheesecake.

edit: whoops! Need to put the fold IN, first…

I tried to get these two into a single picture, but they changed the distance and coloring subtly as they panned up.

….aaaaaaaand that’s the last stitch of clothing for these two, until the closer. Unfortunately, they have about as many nipples between them, as stitches. “I came for the fanservice and all I got was the second coming of Horo.” Heh.

The closing shot:

Do you get the feeling the artist really likes DFC? That’s the only way Yuuna could have earned back row in this shot.

You know, that one makes me regret ZoomPlayer has reset itself (I had to reinstall) to take 848×480 shots again….and I can’t find the setting to change it.

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4 Responses to Fanservicey Time

  1. Re ZoomPlayer, I don’t understand the problem. What is it you want to change? 848*480 is the right size for this particular show; it’s 16:9 wide screen ripped from a DVD.

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    Hm. I have definitely been spoiled by the higher res stuff coming out lately. I’m used to having to shrink them to 1024 x whatever to keep from burning up too much disk space.

    What I really need, more than anything, is a faster way of uploading, making thumbnails (when I do that), and pasting the combined thumbnail/link into the text. This is the most tedious part of all, and I hate it with a mild passion. It’s why I’ve never completed a cheesecake post on Demon King at the Back of the Classroom. And it has nipples. And a lot less DFC’s. (Well, given that Negima is about 8th graders, it’s hard to have more.) Wait, am I discussing breasts on fictional 14 y.o.’s again? Damn. (Anyone who believes the ninja and gun girls are 14 is welcome to buy a bridge from me. They both look 18-20, at least.)

    Maybe it’s time to get off my ass and upgrade to 2.92. Hopefully that will restore the header pictures and we can once again enjoy August in all her grenadier glory. As opposed to enjoying Rushuna in all her Grenadier glory, that is. Hmm. Maybe I need to make a new top picture entirely….

  3. I think I saw some dialogue in the manga that suggested that the class was 3rd year, which would make them 15.

  4. Ubu Roi says:

    I feel unreasonably certain that will halt any overzealous prosecutor in his tracks!

    Edit: Am I the only one who saw that first picture with Asuna holding some of Setsuna’s feathers between her legs and thought she said, “What’s wrong? I like tamponing with your feathers!”

    Yes, dear God, I went there. My mind is a strange place…

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