Three Quickies

Stayed up late last night, catching up on anime premieres. So far, the winner is Asura’s Cryin’. Cute girls, action, mystery, and more action. There’s a few cliche bits, but it’s hard to notice they’re cliche, what with how they’re mixed and spun.

The first episode ends with a three-way Mexican standoff, with the protagonist (Tomo) caught in the middle and an odd sword-maiden/miko on the fringe. And then there’s the ghost companion — only she may not be a ghost. There’s an amnesia component here, and mecha is a part of the story, although it doesn’t appear to be dominant. It’s also got the most unique excuse for an orphen protagonist I’ve ever seen: Tomo’s mother remarries and boots him out of the house the day before school starts, because he’s “in the way.”

Best friend: “Did she mean that in an erotic way?”
Tomo: “You go ask her.”

His mysterious, absent brother is paying for the house he’s staying in, and sends an upperclassman from his school around to drop off a mysterious box that starts all the fun — a box that has no clasp, lock, fastener, or any way to open it.

The new FMA doesn’t seem to have the heart of the old one. It starts with Edward already a well-known State Alchemist, and pieces of their story shown in flashback. Emphasis seems to be on the comedy and emo distortions. Art’s… enh. The evil black-haired lady that creates the fake philosopher’s stones, and her construct/slave (whatever) that eats everything are going to be part of the first major arc, it appears. I’m sure fans know who I mean; I don’t care.

Watched the first episode of Valkyria Chronicles. Art’s not very vivid, very much into pastels. That seems to match the game. Not a lot of terrible freeze n’pan shortcuts, but otherwise nothing great either. Episode pacing seems a touch ragged. So far, we’ve met Alicia, Welkin, and Isena(?). The tank is unveiled at the end of the episode, as Alicia, Isena, and Welkin are surrounded in the Gunther mansion. The fansubbers put in a lot of game-world notes at the end to bring viewers up to speed.

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3 Responses to Three Quickies

  1. IKnight says:

    I’m cautiously optimistic about Asura Cryin’ too, on the grounds that it’s juggling so many ideas that at least a few ought to come good. Kusakawa also directed Nanoha A’s and StrikerS, and one of the writers did script work on Gankutsuou, Vandread, Kotetsushin Jeeg (good signs, if you ask me) . . . but also Gundam SEED Destiny (ugh).

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    By rights, that many ideas being thrown out there should signal a train wreck incoming.

    So far we have: Tomo — A protagonist who may have limited amnesia involving a plane crash 3 years ago…but is having odd flashbacks that don’t fit.
    His lazy, girl- and ghost-obsessed best friend, who doesn’t realize that Tomo is constantly followed by a cute girl who is a ghost.
    The ghost herself, who has followed him inexplicably ever since the accident. She’s quite likeable, and even sleeps in his room at night. (Tomo gets embarassed looking at her floating overhead in a nightie).
    A sexy sempai who drops off the macguffin… and can see the ghost. And the next day, press-gangs him into a chemistry club that looks more like an occult club.
    A mysterious and absent brother who supposedly sent the sempai with the box.
    A cute, flighty co-worker who’s attracted to Tomo.
    A mysterious, popular and beautiful classmate… who is also secretly (well, for values of secret) a sword-wielding miko.
    Mass jealousy when all the males in school see Tomo accost the secret miko.
    At least two mechas; one that arrives rather dramatically, the other we just see sitting in a shed.
    A minimum of two illuminati organizations, wielding odd guns.
    Various magical powers.
    Hints that Tomo’s amnesia may be voluntary… and he’s set part or all of this all up himself, in order to do something for the ghost, even if he doesn’t realize it now.

    It’s the last item that separates this show from the pack — although all the major characters thus far have been likeable too. I’m actually getting vibes like this is a slightly hyper Shingu at this point — though Tomo is more excitable than Hajime, and there’s no comparison for Nayuta.

    However, I am now certain that I can’t rely on Carlo (no S) Santos for a review. He even dissed the OP by Angela.

    You don’t dis Angela, Carlo. Bad move. My seconds will be calling upon you.

  3. IKnight says:

    I suppose I have a history of enjoying trainwrecks, which might explain why I instinctively think more ideas is better. I agree that the voluntary amnesia is the most striking one.

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