Eh, Oops

If you got an article in your RSS feed and thought “what’s this on Meganekko?” well, obviously I got a little confused and logged into the wrong blog. I had a Dita moment. In commemoration, here’s some cheesecake of a different redhead. Mildly NSFW, so below the fold.

Tsubasa is the best thing to happen to this show so far. Unless it’s her servant…

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4 Responses to Eh, Oops

  1. What was that first picture supposed to be?

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    Fixed. I accidentally dragged a button over the text box and it inserted the code.

  3. Ubu Roi says:

    Asu no Yoichi. It’s the one where the guy who has been training in the mountains for years comes to town to live with several cute girls in a dojo. First half of the first episode was a bit funny, but it’s been the same old “accidental gropings and misunderstandings” since then. While the girls are cute, they’re not up to Ah! My Buddha levels, nor is the fanservice as high–until now, it’s been exceedingly mild, save for the gropings.

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