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A Conversation That Never Happened

Steven made a comparison between Shingu and Evangelion today. On the face of it, that’s rather absurd; Evangelion is considered an iconic series, often even by those who hate it–because it is iconic. Shingu is relatively unknown. In fact, had … Continue reading

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Everything I needed to know I learned from animé

No matter how powerful you and your enemy are, you can always decide the issue by hitting each other over the head.

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Guessing the Secrets of Shingu

Well, over at Steven’s place, I remarked, “And that dangling question they left open for the sequel? I don’t think so. I think I know the answer, and I’m going to go back through the series for the next couple … Continue reading

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Shingu, 3rd DVD

Another quick post, because I’ve got too much going on today. Managed to get through the third DVD. I’ve been expecting one of the major revelations since the first DVD, but not the full extent of it. I’m cutting the … Continue reading

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Shingu: 1st DVD Done

It’s very late so this is going to be a few quick notes. Worst. OP. Ever. ED, likewise. Really annoying me is that for some reason, I can’t skip the ED. “Next” option is unavailable. I have to exit to … Continue reading

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