Oh Yeah, that …

Yes, I finished Astra. No terrible eye-rollers. Loved the “what happened afterwards”, especially the narration. Ha! All in all, not the greatest anime ever made, but one of the best I’ve seen in the last few years.

Now I’ve got to get around to finishing an article on Byrnhyldr in the Darkness.

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Progress is Slow (Astra, updated)

Well, from the comments on the prior post, I can see that I’m not the only one who has issues with Funi’s player. Sometimes it just doesn’t work; other times I can get an episode to run, but only one. And the auto-resolution is crap. As a result, I’ve only made it up to episode 5, “Being Abandoned In Space Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Have A Swimsuit Episode.” I say abandoned, because they’re not lost, they know exactly where they are and how to get home, and even seem to have some data on the planets they’re using to hopscotch home. Though Kanata needs to have his head examined. Episode 4 was a major eye-roller, when he show

Now I know I’m talking to a bunch of people who have already seen the show, but there’s a few obvious things here. Just in case someone hasn’t though, I’m using spoiler tags Spoiler tags don’t seem to be working so I’m putting it below the fold. Abandon faith, all ye spoilinators! Figured them out.
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Figured something out

So, I’ve been really kind of blah about anime lately. I finally figured out why… After I gave up bittorrenting, I’ve only been watching via Crunchyroll. I’m sorry to say, CR sucks.

Bluntly, there’s too many options, what with Netflix, Hulu, and most of all, Funimation in the mix now. CR is being left with the dregs; not totally bottom-feeding, but damn close to it. Which is why I’ve been griping (to myself) about the horrible quality of anime lately. It’s just my choice of access.

So I decided to look at a Funi sub again, and I just finished watching the first episode of Astra: Lost in Space. Oh hell yes. THIS is what I’ve been missing. I know a lot of the people who used to read my blog have already seen it, so no spoilers, OK?

Hell, it got me pumped enough to post again, so that’s a good thing. 🙂

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And for a brief second appearance…

Yep, two more seasons of Raising of the Shield Hero.
Another season (2 cour?) of Re: Zero.
Yes, Brickmuppet, in fact a lot of movies can’t match up to that trailer.
But, when it finished, I saw another link, to a review of Netflix’s NGE.

WARNING: No food or drink while watching. Your monitor will appreciate it.

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And for a brief appearance after months…

I shall post a two word review of Isekai Cheat Magician:

Generically generic.

It’s just not worth more than that.

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Quick Shots: Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka

I’m going to start calling a series of articles this, where I don’t do a deep dive but only a quick review based on the first episode or two. Got another coming up for tomorrow, I hope.

Someone’s been sniffing the same glue as Gen Urobochi. Well, the glue that holds his book together anyway, because they’re taking a page from it. Asuka continues the trend from last season in which the stories are a bit more hard-core and the horror is real. Ok, ok…not just last season, I admit. But it’s not the unmitigated horror of Parasyte; it’s more like the mix of traditional “cute” with the edgy violence of Goblin Slayer.

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Safehold: the Snooze-fest.

David Weber’s latest novel in the battle for the future of humanity’s tortured name-spelling has come out, and I’ve finally finished it after three days. That’s not good, for someone who routinely reads such books in a single day.

This novel could have been compressed to a few chapters at the start of the next novel. In fact, I’m going to try to recap it in 25 words or less:

  • Snarky, interchangeable people. Youth romances; old farts die; Charis innovates. Siddemark collapses; elects Democrats. Harchong disintegrates into civil war. FINALLY, the avatar of Schuler appears in Zion…and declares war on Chihiro.

Dammit, 32. Well, everything but that last was just a mish-mash of “who are these people again?” and “Lets waste time with boring stuff and refrigerator moments.” The “inner circle” is now about the size of Tellemark. The SNARC’s and Narhman develop glaring blind spots. No unhappy marriages of state; everyone happily falls in love with their Destined One. Illiterate Harchongese peasants become Republicans overnight. Lots of the usual “David Weber introduces a character for a page and a half, then kills him/her.” He spends half a page giving a background to a woman that’s never seen again.

Really, wasted my money buying a setup to the next arc. That’s all this is. Too many novels in this series are just… wastes. Nothing really happens… shades of Robert Jordan.

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