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WP seems to lend itself more to mega-posts rather than “blitz posting” but maybe that’s my style, not the software, because I can’t think of any feature that makes it that way. So I’m going to string together some random thoughts and stick them all here, (with updates if more come along) just to keep from making multiple small posts.

Spambots are getting more on target. I just cleaned out my Akismet buffer and at least a quarter of the spam had a term related to anime in some way. This seems to be the week for shady commercial “opportunities” and sex sites/aids. Nice to know I can get a penis extension; all the better to enjoy myself while watching stuff I won’t mention here because it would get picked up by search bots. Except one: “vomit fetish.” Ewww. Just ewww. I dunno what’s sicker, that, or that there’s a market for it. Reminds me of the time I was drunk at a party at DrHeinous’ place, and typed a joke URL that returned an entirely unexpected (scatological) result. As noted, I was drunk, so I completely freaked out, which brought everyone’s attention to it… Bad times. Very bad times.

I guess we’ll be back to casinos next week, and insurance the week after.

Being sick stinks. I’m not badly ill, just exhausted. Think I’ve pushed myself too hard lately.

I’m not working very hard on the Honorable Mentions post. It’s hard to be coherent & funny the way I feel right now. Not that I can ever tell about humor; it’s always the jokes I think of as mundane that crack people up, and the ones where I think I’m being really clever that leave them going, “uh, right.”

I’m making death threats against Pixy’s software. There’s actually a causal link between this and the spambot information above; this was what made me think, “Oh yeah, I need to go clean the buffer again…” Note that because my IP changes randomly (since it’s assigned by AT&T), so does my hash, which is why no one made that connection before.

I watched the first episode of Wolf and Spice this morning. Nothing very exceptional, although I think there are a number of interesting themes at work here. Think 17th century European village. Horo is the village’s grain goddess, only the old ways are fading; new crop farming techniques mean the villagers are less dependent on her, and people don’t believe in her so much any more. So she’s decided it’s time to move on, and hitches a ride with a traveling trader that passes through, by name of Lawrence. She wants to back north, to her homeland. Not sure where the conflict or long-term plot is going to come from. Maybe there’s not one; it’s got a very serene and deliberately-paced feel to it. It could end up being about almost anything, though I’d put a small amount of money on the changes wrought by time, and those of a society shifting to early (pre-steam) industrialism being themes in play. Horo is odd, a mix of youthful naiveté and old cynicism. However, I have a few words of advice for Lawrence: Go for the human girl; they’re lower maintenance in the long run.

Finding that Baka-Wolf has episodes available for straight download rather than bit-torrenting was really nice. BT still seems to give my router hiccups unless I control the settings carefully. The regular downloads are much faster, and don’t disrupt other online activities. It’s not amusing to see how short their donations keep falling though. Some people just can’t be bothered to pay for anything, they’re just leeches. I’m in the process of signing up so I can use their Paypal link as I’m probably pushing a GB of downloads from them already. You ask me, their DL policy is a bit too generous.

Maybe more in an update later.

Update: So much for Australia as the place to go when the USA takes that last spin around the toilet bowl.

Update 2:
I, Otaku.

Update 3: Something I thought I’d never hear: Japanese rap music. OP to Ayakashi.

Update 4: aaaaaaaaand, that’s not the OP to Ayakashi, unless that’s from a raw of the 3rd ep. or later. Anyway, that last swirl around the bowl referenced in Update 1 is not so far off. Businesses seem to be in too much hurry to take away our rights to speech and firearms. Yes, I know that AT&T is saying “copyright,” but seriously, do you think that’s all it would be? And think how badly would it get exploited.

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