So it seems J.Greely has come up with a new term to describe the first (and, er, “suckiest”) of the haremettes in Rosario + Vampire: Glompire. Seeing as she’s a vampire that, well, glomps.

Do all the girls have skirts cut that short in back? I mean, that thing’s straight out of Girls’ High!

Ok, she gets a pass on the first one, because he’s in the middle of fainting. Side note: the use of music during the embarrassing, bite, and transformation scenes is spot on, here. They did a good job of accenting the mood they wanted for each. Pity the OP and ED weren’t to the same standards, but anything’s going to disappoint after GSNK.

From the NYT bestseller, “101 Things Not to Say to Your New Vampire Girlfriend”: #1: “Bite me.”

Pic 1: “Is that question as loaded as your bra when you transform?”
Pic 2: Note the succubus in the back. To be introduced next week….
By the way, the teacher he’s referring to? A kawaii catgirl.

Ok, apart from the fact that we know he does survive (since it’s a 13 episode series, and he survives in the manga) what odds would you give that Shungo Tskune doesn’t survive the first week?

Or on his dying very happy at the hands of a succubus or glompire? 😉

Talk about a fine line between kawaii and kowaii… Don should be all over this series!

Update: J.Greely mentions in the comments to an earlier post:

Thought I should mention that the Wikipedia entry for the series includes detailed spoilers in its character descriptions. Some of it may not apply to the anime, but you never know.

While it’s definitely spoilerific, his note about application to the anime is so true. Not sure how much of a volume can be stuck into each episode; but from reading the spoilers, this show could probably follow the plot to a T and still go anywhere from dramatic horror, to Shana-angsty, to comedy fanservice, to a weird mix of all three. Just depends on how it’s played. Rosario is billed as comedy fanservice, so I hope it stays far, far away from angsty.

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