Code Geass, ep. 22

I don’t have much to say on this, except: You know its going to go wrong from the moment Lelouch agrees with Euphie… but Oh. My. God. I didn’t expect it to go that wrong. Of all the things I expected, that wasn’t one of them…. No telling how this is going to work out, but it’s going to be bloody.

Correction: It’s already bloody, to the tune of several tens of thousands. I suppose I could put spoilers below the fold or something, but I want to process this for a bit. Well, no, really I just want to go play WOW now. Ah well, I guess Andrew was right….

Side note: I am really getting annoyed with Your-Mom’s cute little comments. I’m watching the show, not amateur comedy hour. I wish gg was keeping up the pace.

Edit: correction, Shinsen-Subs. I’m not sure, both may be doing it. I don’t understand that; you have so many series out there, and two or three groups will do the same one.

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2 Responses to Code Geass, ep. 22

  1. Andrew F. says:

    It would seem that after episode 23, which aired earlier this week, Code Geass is going on hiatus until this summer, when episodes 24 and 25 will air.

    That has got to suck for anyone following the show.

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    The hiatus was planned, but it was supposed to be after 26. It’s being done as a two-year series. I think one of the speculations is probably correct; they had a version that wrapped up in one season, but they got approval for two and need more time to change the scripts and complete the episodes. I had read two versions, one saying they had scripts for the first 20 episodes completed before the season started, and another saying they had 23. Either or both could be correct; they could have had 20 “set” and 3-6 more that could be changed depending on whether they were going for a one-year or two-year series.

    Ep. 23 felt a little rushed… I’m of the opinion that they realized they couldn’t get 24-26 ready in time, and had to get the story to a stopping point for a necessary hiatus. You can see that they’re basically pulling plot elements and twists out of the air; it’s so chaotic because they didn’t have the full structure laid down before starting or know how much time they had to tell the story. I’m seeing lots of dangling plot threads they’re ignoring because of the scramble.

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