I’m bored. Moving Magic:The Gathering way down my priority list because it was too expensive (and time-consuming, and I suck at it) has really left my weekends without much to do, and I can’t work up much interest in writing a post today. In anything interesting that is. I actually started on one about BeckoningChasm’s picture of Lyar and the line drawings that Steven DenBeste posted. It was all about how I’m struck by her eyes more than her hair or other assets. (No, really! I mean it! Though I probably shouldn’t let my eyes wander like that.) Then I lost the post to an ill-considered click and couldn’t work up the interest to re-type it all. That’s the best I’ve been able to do? Meh.

I guess I will go work on graphics for tomorrow. Poor Wonderduck probably doesn’t have anything suitable in a fleur-de-lis….

Oh, and I hate the new OP and ED for Code Geass. And they didn’t have any table-humping in the last episode either!

I didn’t find Serial Experiments Lain all that interesting. It’s not that I disliked it, I just didn’t like it. The washed-out, over-bright art had me constantly suppressing a desire to adjust the gamma. And the red spots were just annoying. I know it was a visual effect to heighten the unreality, but I found them extremely annoying, because at first I thought they were blood-spots from the girl committing suicide. Then they were just distracting, especially against the washed-out over-whiteness. I can appreciate the story for what it is and how well it’s done, although I’d probably be plenty confused without Steven’s spoiler-laden write-up. (I need to put a limit on how many times I mention him or his site in a week, but damn, if you want a really good analysis of animé and tangental issues related to it, Chizumatic is the place to go.) Anyway, it’s just not my speed.

Dammit, when’s the next episode of Simoun going to complete fansubbing? I was forced to watch two more episodes of Negima and finally just gave up on it. Maybe the manga’s good, but the first series was apparently not that good and the second series just sucks, both stylisticaly and storytelling-wise. Now they’re not even paying attention to their own plot. Episode ten ended with two more girls finding out that Negi is a mage, and while one becomes a partner, the other is embarassed at having to kiss him, so she runs off. The two spies for the Council find out, and Negi’s going to get turned into an animal if something isn’t done. End of episode. Next episode: the problem isn’t even mentioned. Never mind the fact that several non-partners have seen those two spies, and yet no one thinks them odd–except for the girl who keeps thinking the green one is her father, and no that’s not explained either, nor has anyone noticed that the Black Rose Baron is obviously female. Or a piss-poorly drawn man voiced by a female. Wouldn’t be the first time. Then there’s the breaking of the fourth wall, such as when Asuna talks back to the narrator. Some shows can do that, but only when it’s done in a manner consistent with the rest of the series, or if it shifts, it does so convincingly. Negima doesn’t; it watches like a program put together by amatuers who just threw things in at random.

Watched the first DVD of This Ugly Yet Beautiful World also. Very much “enh” about it. Starts out like a dramatic show, turns into absurdist harem comedy with lots of fanservice. All the teens accept that the two girls are aliens….with absolutely NO proof?. And the scientist character is just not believeable, she’s so ridiculous. It beggars the imagination that she’d move in too. After her initial appearance, she doesn’t do any more scientific investigations; she just hangs around in skimpy clothing, drinks beer, spies on the teens, and engages in crazy theorizing with absolutely no experimentation or observation behind them. I understand it turns dramatic again later, and eventually becomes an end-of-the-world story, but so far, it’s a very Gainax production. Long on the female form, short on common sense. Dual did the comedy-drama so much better.

Referrer’s I don’t like finding in my logs: Blog aggregators that post your content as if it’s theirs… and use it to hawk porno. Bad porno. At least give me a freaking cut of the profits, you bastards! Yes, they did put a link back here, so they can claim they’re “giving credit,” but the article is posted IN FULL on their site WITH THEIR NAME under it as “posted by.” If I want Bridgebunnies to be associated with porn I’ll do it myself!

(NSFW warning!)

Hm. I managed to get quite a lot of a post out of just random thoughts and boredom. Now to go find something else to do.

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