Some Lovin’ For the Forgotten Haremettes

Well, Riuva went and posted a question at his blog: Which girl do you favor to win the guy in this season’s harem animés? One problem. He dissed several series by omitting them. Now I don’t have a very large readership yet (if ever), so I’ve generally avoided making posts that are designed strictly to ask the readers what they think. I might be embarassed by the results, after all. 🙂 In this case, I’m going to make an exception and give it a shot. And if no one cares, then enh, whatever. Some reader in the far far, future may wander by and find these words etched onto the screen of a dusty monitor somewhere, so look on my words, ye Mighty, and despair! (Though I have no idea who’s going to be paying my hosting bills in this distant future.)

So here’s the shows in question: Kanon, Gift, Crescent Love, and Lovely Idol. Tell everyone who you want to win, and give a brief reason why. I’ll start:

Kanon: Sayuri. Because she qualifies. Also, she’s modest — and every other girl is either bughouse nuts, klepto, sickly, related to Yuuichi, or something else stupid.

Crescent Love: Tohyama. When in doubt, always go for the green-haired babe. Aside from that, she gets my pity vote, becasue I’ve never seen a show introduce a haremette and then completely forget she exists. Has she appeared since episode 2? For that matter, DID she appear in episode 2?

No opinions on Gift or Lovely Idol; I haven’t followed either one. So, what’s everyone else’s opinion, if they’ve seen one or more of these series?

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