About that WuFlu

So, by “survive the WuFlu”, which I was talking about in June. I was a bit inaccurate. You see, it wasn’t that I had it , and was celebrating surviving. It was that I was cheering not getting it.

Fool , me.

So I retired from work on Dec.30, and spent a day the next week with Redneck Guy and Redneck Boy (who needs a new name, having long since become a productive member of society). And we all promptly came down with Winnie the Flu. And Redneck’s wife. And probably Boy’s girlfriend. I’ve been feeling just a tad… awful. This last weekend was the worst, but I’m finally starting to feel alive, although slow.

Could have been worse I suppose. Dr. Heinous went out for supper a couple of nights ago, and an idiot turned right in front of him. Fortunately

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, no injuries, and a cop saw the whole thing. Me, I’m ordering in from Krogers.

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