Out of Service? (Updated)

We’re losing parts of the Flood Warning System. Not a lot, but I’ve never seen “OOS” tags before. Also, reaching their server seems to be a bit… spotty, and the local Greens Bayou gauge hasn’t reported a stream level in over 90 minutes (but still reports rain).


, thunder (which I haven’t heard in a while), and the power blinked. But we might be about to get some clear sky for a few hours.

Bigger picture:

And the “fuck me!” picture:

I've said it before: Allison dumped 36 inches in 24 hours

But Allison did that in a small area, about 8 miles by five. the rest got 12-24″. This is… everywhere. However

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, let me throw this into the mix:

Go away, Harvey.... NOT THAT WAY! Oh, FDisk....

Evacuate? Where?


UPDATE: Saw this comment over at TropicalTidbits:


, & Cinco Ranch are in danger of flooding tonight, just with the expected rain. Plus the dam is being opened for the first time into the main bayou that runs through Katy to prevent the dam from breaking which means Katy, & Cinco Ranch will have unprecedented flooding.”

I’m not sure what facility he’s talking about; it would have to be on the upper Buffalo Bayou, but the only dam I know of would cause problems for Cinco Ranch by being closed. the Barker and Addicks Reservoirs are supposed to help protect the City of Houston against all this flooding but the amount of development behind them in the last 20 years is just insane. And stupid.

So do we flood Katy, or Houston? Hmmmm.

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