Steven Den Beste, In Memoriam

I can’t write like I used to, and this is a subject about which I never could. I’m bummed. I’m sad. I want to go have a cry like my best friend died. I’m reasonably sure he didn’t reciprocate — i was probably more annoyance than friend, the few times we corresponded.

One of the greats has fallen. Steven DenBeste, he of the smartass ancestor, passed away sometime in the last week. Probably even unnoticed, at his apartment. He was the largest of my three main inspirations when I took up blogging (at Houblog all those years ago)

, and he had a lot of influence on my early years. The fact that he also liked anime was just icing on the cake.

So, as I can’t do him justice with a eulogy, I’ll do what I can do in his honor: Post pictures of scantilly-clad anime girls. Warning: NSFW below the fold.

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