I Think I Figured It Out…

What this Momo Kyun Sword show is about, that is….





, uh, shaved pits. I mean, they keep doing this whole peach theme throughout the show, so… ah, never mind. (Maybe that’s why the pictures are so fuzzy….) Well, that pretty much summarizes the premise of the show, so I’ll meet you here again, whenever I get motivated to write!

Wait, you weren’t interested in the plot, were you? Well, I’m pretty sure there was one *BOING*. . . about, *BOING* um, *BOING* *BOING* . . . something . . . *BOING* *BOING* *BOING*

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3 Responses to I Think I Figured It Out…

  1. I thought it might turn out to be like that. And I bet they haven’t even introduced the OTHER boing-boing, have they?

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    Lots of potential others. There’s a whole Celestial Maiden Squad, two of which are generously endowed. But, no, the other one in the promo image hasn’t been introduced.

  3. I just went through the first 6 episodes of this show to harvest top rotation pictures, and ended up with 92 of them. It really is gratuitous. It’s also tongue-in-cheek. In one episode the Celestial Maidens become idols. There’s also a beach episode, where all the girls end up in modern swimsuits (huge anachronism). And end up molested by a giant squid. (Of course! What’s a beach episode without tentacles?)

    I also like how Momo’s soul merger (or whatever it’s called) always ends with an explosion that shreds her clothing.

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