An Oops and an Update!

If anyone else has tried to post besides Brickmuppet & Dr. Heinous, apologies for your post not appearing. I’ve been getting hammered by a Russian (Lithuanian, Chinese, Canadian, whatever) spambot, and having to mass delete messages. I may have caught and deleted more than just the Muppet’s.

In other news, the neurosurgeon has scheduled me for surgery on the 31st to fix a major nerve pinch in the spinal column. To echo Brick’s earlier complaint about chiropracters, mine was worrying about the nerve branches, whereas the neurosurgeon pointed out (with benefit of the actual MRI, instead of just a report) that the main spinal nerve is badly pinched through about four vertebrae. He advised me to stop therapy until after the surgery.

Edit: the surgery is to the neck, not lower spine. The problem has been centered around the C5-T1 vertebrae, heavily affecting the left shoulder and arm. No effect on the right at all.

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