Not Much Time

So I’m going to throw out a few thoughts on what I might watch and try to blog next season. This is not a review, which means it’s probably worthless, unless you just like hearing folks think aloud. Or electronically…

Shout outs to the sites that I trolled, looking for information and links to PV’s: Blogsuki, T.H.A.T., and Sea Slugs. All are links to their preview posts, if you want real information, instead of my snarking.

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3: Owari Naki Unmei One thing I don’t like: coming into the middle of a story, and man-harems. Right, that’s two things. So, two things I don’t like are coming into the middle of a story, man-harems, and long titles. Wait, that’s three things… Three things I don’t like are coming into the middle of a story, man-harems, long titles, and badly done rip-offs of Monty Python. Wait, that’s four things…and the last one doesn’t fit the show.

Chu-Bra!! Seriously, Japan… are you even trying any more?

Sora no Woto Or is it So Ra No Wo To? I think the first few English reviewers didn’t know how to parse the word boundaries? K-on meets Strike Witches meets… I dunno. Pumpkin Scissors? I really don’t like the downer vibe I’m getting here, man. It really harshes my mellow, know what I mean?

Seikon no Qwaser That just ain’t right. It just ain’t. Far more repelled by the sick stuff than I am attracted by the sexy. Someone explain why sex is censored more than violence these days? Still, half the PV can’t even be shown on TV. If you have to BT it, wait for the DVD rips.

Ladies vs. Butlers Enough already. Zzzzzz….

Omamori Himari This is more like it! I really liked the manga. The women are sexy, the guy in the middle grows a pair, and the humor’s pretty good. Add demon fighting for the action, and if the animation is at least average, we have a winner. Wait, this is Zexcs. And the animé character designs look inferior to the manga Um, well I’ll still watch it. However, from the PV, it looks like it’s all the girls meeting and fighting each other, without the demon angle. I grant, the story didn’t start getting serious until later, but I was hoping for a bit of compression…

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu The concept is so abysmally stupid, that I didn’t catch the fact that it’s supposed to be stupid. It was probably meant to be more a parody of multiple genres, not derivative of them. Fortunately SILVER LINK, despite their very…uh, modest resumé did understand that, and is playing it anything but straight, if the PV is to be believed. I might actually have to eat my earlier words and give it a try.

Dance in the Vampire Bund This show is disturbing. Not because of the blood and gore, but because I look at the main character and start thinking, “Damn, did I just develop a lolicon?”

Durarara!! What is this, a refugee from Shonen Jump? Not interested.

Hidamari Sketch×☆☆☆ (Hoshimittsu) I still don’t do slice of life.

Ookamikakushi Ok, even if I can’t stand the protagonist of Sora no Otoshimono, AIC has impressed the hell out of me with their animation. They’ve picked up where KyoAni used to be, and are doing a credible job so far. But when I look at the costume of the main female character (seen here), I have to ask, “My God, what kind of budget do you have, that you can animate that for more than three episodes!” Mildly intrigued; it’s got a “peel the onion” vibe that I like, but I may watch it just to see if AIC goes broke by the end of the series.

Nodame Cantabile Finale Hey! Willya turn that damn racket down? I swear, kids these days. How can they call that stuff music? mutter, mutter…. /goes back to sleep.

Katanagatari Count me up as another who is put off by the character designs, but I’ll give it an episode or two to see if it can draw me in.

Hanamaru Kindergarten SHADDAP ALREADY!!!! First it was music, now its a buncha jabbering kindergartners. How’s a guy supposed to sleep around here?

Darker than Black 3 Like I said at the beginning, I don’t like coming into the middle of a story. I may save this set of series for buying fresh/new when it hits R1. I’ve been making more obligation purposes than anything else lately.

Ok, gidouddahere. That’s all I got to waste your time. Gotta go do some other things; I’m overdue already.

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