RahXephon, just a note

Ok, I really started getting hooked about the middle of the series, and blew through the last four disks in one night; staying up until ridiculous in the morning doing so.

Anyone who read the complaint about Haruna, and the speculation behind the spoiler tag in my last comment must be laughing their butts off about now.

Schoolgirl crush, indeed. Chicks dig the artsy types, don’t they?

It finally got angsty, right about the time I got interested.

Maybe I’ll do a full write-up on this one. The back-story’s a mess, and it might need a bit of ret-conning. It’s not told in straightforward manner; a lot is merely shown, but not explained, and a lot that’s explained is couched in allegorical terms.

My take: A decent rip-off of Evangelion, less depressing, with music and painting as central themes. (The more I look, the more parallels there are in characters: The Shinji, The Asuna, The Misato, the Rei, The Gendou. Even the Angels are there.)

One nice point: everyone I thought should get their just rewards in the end, got theirs in the last two episodes. Everybody was busy shooting everyone else, but it worked out.

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