Ecchi Witches, Ep. 5

Well. At least now we know which side of the road Miyafuji walks on.

Yes, it was about Charlotte (Shirley) Yeager and Fransesca Lucchini. Turns out Shirley’s a speed freak and she wants to break the speed of sound. Best she can do is about 800 kph (mach 1 = about 1200 kph for the metric impaired). Yes, it’s a beach episode, so we see the girls in their swimsuits. Well, until Shirley’s disintegrates in the midst of battle. Understandable, considering what it (and she) had just been through.

We’ve reached the point where logic is getting thrown out of the window though; what shredded her swimsuit should have shredded her. Not to mention the minor detail of Miyafuji and Lynn suddenly not knowing how to swim, despite getting dumped in the ocean during episode 3.

Next week is Sanya.

And Crunchyroll needs to get it’s act together…. I can’t download! Says media mods only now…. hope the sales plan didn’t get tossed, or I’m back to being a pirate. 🙁

Edit: Oddly for a swimsuit episode, we get to see pants!

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