Just A Few Short Notes

Firstly, I rode the DART today for a few hours and will be posting articles comparing it to Houston’s MetroRail next week. Houston loses.

Secondly, I brought plenty of anime with me, and Dr.Heinous and I stayed up to watch Divergence Eve last night. It was supposed to be “just one disk” before we sacked out, but of course he got hooked by it, and “just one” became “just one more” which became “ok, let’s finish it tonight, I’ve got to know the answers….” (The heinous doctor pronounced it a damn good show, but the breasts were really distracting and unnecessary.)

Finally, watching Divergence Eve until 3:30 a.m. is the only way I know to make eating lunch at Hooters the next morning a disappointment.

(Edit: that’s definately a drawback to watching DE!)

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