It Just Seems Slow

Well, until the last couple of days, it was pretty slow on the fansub front, but the real issue with posting is that I was spending this weekend either at the doc’s, getting an x-ray (checkup) or playing Magic: The Gathering.  I participated in a Standard Constructed (that’s Type II for you old farts), in which I went 1-3 on Friday night.  Saturday, I went 3-1 and placed 3rd in a draft.  That one was kind of weird; due to technical difficulties, it went late and several people dropped.  I was in 2nd going into the final 4, which got me matched up against the only guy who beat me during rounds.  He had an incredible deck for a draft, and just spewed tokens on the board like nobody’s business.  While we were playing a very long second game, the other pair finished, and the winner decided to take second (knowing he couldn’t beat that deck either)–which meant that we were playing for first place.  Or in my case, third, since I couldn’t beat that deck either.

Really weird way to finish up a tourney, and I felt kind of ripped off; not the organizer’s fault but that deck was obscene.

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