Re: Zero ep. 2

Not going to get deeply into the episode, but the new OP gives away what Natsuki’s power is — which he figures out after he dies and respawns again. And yes

, that’s his power; when he dies, it doesn’t stick. He goes back to the same point where he’s standing in front of the fruit vendor. (which isn’t the point he arrived at, btw — I wonder if that’s important?)

So after he dies this time (the muggers killed him), he figures it out, and decides to blow the whole adventure off and figure out how to live a grand life by selling his phone. Only he ends up feeling guilty, since Satella (or whatever her real name is) had helped him — so he tracks Felt down — only to run into the sexy killer I referred to as “Ms. Slaughterhouse.” And the fun begins….

Despite the rather gruesome nature of his power, this is actually a pretty good show, and I’ll be following it.

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