Aesthetics of an Antihero (rogue hero, maverick hero, whatever)

SubDESU is not exactly covering themselves with glory here; some of the translations were pretty….stilted. But beggars can’t be choosers and its not like I”m going to learn Japanese.

Anyway, this was fairly average. Definitely not as fun as Campione, nor as tense. One thing I finally realized was that the “too raunchy for YouTube” preview was just a joke. There are some breasts in the show, but they’re Miu’s. The fighting scenes were all versus a maid army (isn’t that trope getting a little old now?) and Amatsuki, ‘the maverick hero’, dealt with them by stealing all their underwear (isn’t that trope getting a little old now?) before meeting with their boss, his love-struck hero-summoning princess who didn’t want him to go home. (Isn’t that trope getting a little…. oh you know.)

Whereupon getting home, he’s forcibly inducted into a school for ‘returnees’, people who have accidentally traveled to another dimension and made it back. He (and we) are forced to listen to a boring expository recording about how these gates have popped up over the last thirty years, always grab children, and only half make it back — but they make it back with whatever powers they gained in the alternate reality, be it magic or sword skills. This place, Xavier’s School for Gifted Students (whatever) has been established to teach them how to manage their powers and become good, upstanding citizens. Or, to judge by the Absurdly Powerful Student Council (wait for it…. wait for it…. “Isn’t that trope getting a little old now?”), it’s to keep all the evil bastards in one place for simplified bookkeeping.

Great, I travel to faraway dimensions, kill demon lords, and what do I get? Stuck rasing a little sister.

Miu, being a demon king’s daughter, entrusted to Amatsuki as the king’s dying act, was hauled out of her home dimension, naked, in a bag, and finds herself in the role of his ‘recently-rescued younger sister.’ Oh wait, was this another imouto-in-a-bag trope? Naked imouto-in-a-bag? (Isn’t …. Oh never mind.)

Anyway, she is way the hell more than the school expects, but cute and shy despite being the daughter of a demon king,. And also able to pass for human. They’re keeping it a secret that she’s actually an illegal alien, hence the sister act. Japan’s stuffy about things like that; they don’t get free medical care and fast tracked to citizenship in the land of the rising sun. How rude. Amatsuki on the other hand, is apparently the subject of an ancient prophecy that can’t be more than thirty years old, unless it was found in one of those alternate dimensions.

Despite her power, and his, I just don’t get the power scale vs. Amatsuki, Miu, and the Council President, who wants to steal his power, his imouto, and his cool style, in that order. He definitely needs the last.

Whatever, I’m just waiting to see what trope shows up next. Not quality entertainment at all, maybe not even a decent time killer.

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