I Don’t Know What To Title This Article

So make one of your own up.

Every season, there’s always that one show that I say “no way I’m going to watch that.” And then not only do I try it, I end up enjoying it. Well, this season, I’ve got two of them. Ben-to and Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai have both surprised the hell out of me with decent (but not Maken-ki overblown) fanservice and sly humor. There’s no real punchlines, but the characters, just by being themselves, provoke the laughs. I’ve got an article half-written on Ben-to, which I might complete in a couple of days, but I thought I’d just gift you with this from Tomodachi:

Mildly NSFW

Class A. And a class ass too. (Shaddup, ya perv!)

Sometimes, less is more, with fanservice, and the animators of both shows clearly understand that as opposed to the in-your-face aspects of Maken-ki and MajiKoi.

The funniest thing about Tomodachi so far is the the relationship between the two female leads — they’re kind of like…. well, no, they ARE a co-dependent pair that can’t stand each other, but can’t end their relationship. Or even admit they have one Um. That sounds less funny than it actually is…

Well, watching their co-op PSP game devolve into a PK-fest was pretty hilarious (I have SO been there, done that!), but I’m wondering when the other girls we see in the OP will show up I’m not looking forward to the loli-nun. I really hope that character is very minor.

Whether these two shows can remain good for the entire cour has yet to be seen, but I’m liking what I see so far. Much less slapstick, much more character driven comedy than I would have bet on. Their next game was a dating sim, which went just as wrong…)

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