Some Other Fall Stuff

Well, I’m not up for a full article right now but I thought I’d make a few observations.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: This is turning out to be the surprise of the season. I figured it for a sappy, slice of life series, or worse, the kind where you watch people making idiots out of themselves. Instead, they’re all delightfully eccentric, and the antagonism between the two female leads is hilarious — and the surprising third member of the “Neighbors Club” is the most popular girl in school! She has plenty of followers it seems, but no friends… The OP hints that this may have some fanservice, or given it’s paucity in the show, it may just be bait-n-switch.

Cursed X Cube X Curious (C3): So far, about what I expected; that is, complete mediocrity. There’s just nothing here to hold my interest.

Persona 4: Might watch if I get too bored this weekend. I’ve got a whole lot of time on my hands, but at least it coincided with premiere week, so it’s not a total loss.

Manwaru Penguindrum: I didn’t realize this was a two-cour series. I dropped it a while back, kinda squicked by the sis-con elements, but checked episode 13. Some answers, and a hell of a lot more questions. I’ll check back around episode 24.

Phi Brain, Kimi to Boku, Mobile Suit Gundam Age, Bakuman, Cross Fight B Daman, Fujilog Second Season: No, No, Hell no, Just no, Nononono, and Oh, freaking gods no.

Un-go: Probably….not.

Guilty Crown: Waiting for the first episode on this. Will it be a better-paced Code Geass? Without so much mecha inflation to sell toys?

Mirai-Nikki The show that explains why the pretty girl would fall for the loser lead male…she’s insane! Cosmic deathmatches to become God are just a side-story, I assure you.

Shiryakui? Ika Musume: Lost interest in Sgt. Frog before the end of the first season, lost interest in this knock-off before the end of the first season’s first episode.

Working!! It just never grabbed me in the first season. No idea why.

On the “mildly interested” pile: Shana III, Lupin III, Ben-to, Last Exile. Shana will be made and broken by the angst. (Yes, and) Ben-to might be worth it if it can balance fan-service and wicked humor. If either are missing, the premise is too absurd to carry it, unless the other is truly exceptional. And I don’t know if I can spare that many brain cells. Lupin….I suspect my sense of nostalgia isn’t enough.

Well, I think I’m going to make the rounds of a few other blogs and see what people think.

Edit: And raws of Shana III have hit the web.

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