Overdue Order

It’s been several months since I’ve patronized RACS, but I finally got on the stick and put an order in:

Kanokon – DVD 1. Obligation buy. All that’s left out there, because I waited so long.
Gurren Lagenn – boxed set. Well, now I’ll finally watch it from start to finish, I guess. While there were parts of it that I liked (from the episodes I sampled) there was also a lot that annoyed me, and I’ve held back for a long time as a result.
Mythical Detective Loki boxed set. – Not expecting the world here, but I’ve been thinking about this one the last two trips through Frys.
Murder Princess – Obligation buy. Wasn’t all that great, but enh. I’ve missed too many obligations lately.
Sekirei, Season One – boxed set. Also an obligation buy, and given what dreck they turned the latter half of S2 into, as far as I’m concerned, the obligation ends here. It was looking pretty good, up until the writers decided to ignore the manga completely, and turn the head of MBI into a fruitcake who would blow up his own headquarters for kicks. (No, not exactly, but I don’t care any more.)

Sekirei S2 and Omamori Himari shared the same major failing, which is why I probably won’t be buying the latter either. They both take a male at the center of the harem, who had developed some competence in the manga, and turned them into drooling idiots in the anime. I’ve got some faint hope that Samurai Girls might let Muneakira man up a bit before the end, but given that the power scales are going to be too different, I’m betting anything he gets to do will be along the lines of “oh look the spear-carrier is getting to fight too!” Feh.

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