Railgun OVA

Hm, the music has been on the torrents since last week, but no sign of the actual OVA. When was it supposed to be out again?

Note that the new OP Future Gazer by fripSide, while it isn’t up to the standards they set with Only My Railgun and somewhat derivative, is still better than the new theme from Mami Kawada for season 2 of Index. But then again, Railgun was better than Index, except for the Accelerator arc — which largely featured Mikoto.

What’s this I see on Tokyo Tosho? A hentai version of Railgun? Heh. Rule 34 strikes again. Oh well. It can’t be much worse than the hentai version of “Hinaco”.

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2 Responses to Railgun OVA

  1. Supposedly the OVA will be out late next week.

    (There was a hentai “Hinako”? Umm…)

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    Do yourself a favor. Don’t go looking for it.

    (Ripoff, note the misspelling. Looks like it was done in flash.)

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