August’s Back!

Ah, the wonders of upgrading. I finally got off my butt and updated from WordPress 2.6 to 3.0.1. One of the most annoying things about 2.6 is that it broke the customization of my header. I could change colors, but not the picture, which required me to upload the picture and manually edit the theme to point to it. Somewhere since then, WP has added the ability to customize the header directly from the interface, which is just neat-o, if I do say so myself.

Now, I could have stuck with the old theme and gotten the header picture to work, but I also decided it was time to change to a more modern theme and cleaner look, hence my adaptation of the TwentyTen theme that ships with WP3. The old picture doesn’t work as well with the new theme, but I’ve done enough for one night; I’ll make a new header image some other day. In the meantime, hey, did I mention that August is back? Everyone’s favorite grenade-throwing loli android can’t be beat!

Oh, and I used the new template to make some sidebar changes too.

Update: and I am seriously a fan of the new picture uploader. OMG that removes most of the tedious crap! I’m actually tempted to go back and fix a lot of the pictures that the last upgrade broke!

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