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Gut Check

Natsumi rules, dog-boys drool. Seriously, she’s all but pissing in her panties here (Akamatsu’s got more taste than that), but picks herself up and keeps going.

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Manga Update, June 2010

Well, I haven’t written about the manga I’m following for a while, so here’s an “update review.” Most of these manga are ecchi to quite ecchi, and may not be safe for work, but the post itself below the fold … Continue reading

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I very, very much hope that Shaft continues to animate the Negima OVA’s. Or someone does…as long as they get to issue 280. (Start here, as the party breaks up and everyone runs for their life, for the full effect.) … Continue reading

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Negima 265

Fecal matter, meet rotary air impeller. Anything else would be too spoileriffic… Ok, I was partly right. Or at least Evangeline and the Colonel think the senate wanted to kill Negi because he was the son of the last queen, … Continue reading

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I’m bored. Moving Magic:The Gathering way down my priority list because it was too expensive (and time-consuming, and I suck at it) has really left my weekends without much to do, and I can’t work up much interest in writing … Continue reading

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