One Advantage to Ikkitousen (and random notes)

The pictures drive a fair amount of traffic my way. I was just checking referrer logs and I noticed that several people in a row came in from Google’s pics, and almost always to post #599. That turns out to be the post I wrote slamming Ikkitousen. Post #597 was also popular — it happens to include a nice picture of Mizuho in a bikini.

(Side note: although I haven’t watched it, I am given to understand that Miname-ke contains another incredible trap, only one more realistic; i.e.: you could see this one as a boy or a girl, easy. From the pictures I’ve seen, age is an obvious reason why. Hopefully Mako will outgrow his androgyny before everyone has him terminally messed up from cross-dressing. )

Strange that pictures of scantily clad women should draw viewers….stranger still that, judging from the comments left on this blog, I tend to have more quality than quantity in terms of regulars, despite what draws viewers. My ego says, “Aww, I want lots and lots of readers.” My common sense says, “That’s a pain in the ass, this way is better. Besides which, neither your value nor the truth of what you say is determined by the number of comments you have.”

Things I’m thinking about for my order: my own copy of Grenadier (really liked it, OP music was great too), next Witchblade & The Third. Obligation buy on Ouran.

Regarding the OP discussions, I’m still too hammered from the flu (or whatever) to put together a coherent discussion (I’m wincing at my Worst of 2007 post, honestly), but I lean more to Guff and Orion’s POV’s:

Ideally, a solid OP should be comprised of engaging music, good cinematography, succinct character representation, and perhaps an inkling of the overall story.

It shouldn’t contain surprises or spoilers however. (edit: and I forgot to say: It shouldn’t be misleading, either. Inukami, I’m lookin’ at you.) One of the things I give Grenadier’s OP a downcheck on, is that it includes Rushuna’s reload technique. That should have come as a “WTF??” surprise in the first battle. For this year, my favorite OP’s have got to be Goshuuso-sama and Shana II. Unfortunately, while the OP for Shana hints at the angst, it has also contained more action than the first twelve episodes combined, so it’s not that representative. And GSNK’s OP, while excellent, fades in comparison to the ED. So what if they stole from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya? I mean, seriously, how many ED’s finish by having the guy gang-tackled by naked girls in the bath?

(Why do I think someone’s going to respond “Girls Bravo!” Never saw it, myself.)

Oh, and in response to Steven’s comment “the childhood friend never wins”, according to the latest Harem Success Chart by Jason, they win 12% of the time, behind only the Mysterious Girl (25%) and the Promised One (21%). Although, looking at the actual list, I think Yurika Misamaru of Nadesico is probably the best known case.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got energy for today. The Honorable Mentions post is going to have to wait.

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