Worst of 2007, Honorable Mentions

EDIT: this isn’t the Top Ten Worst list. That can be found here. This is the more humorous “wasn’t bad enough to be that bad” list. It would have helped if I’d had more humor, but I’ve been ill since the beginning of the month.

10. Worst Top 10 list:
This year’s “Worst of: Honorable Mentions” by yours truly, of course! I seem to have forgotten the humor. I almost forget the post, too!

Edit: In fact, I forgot that I planned to feature this item, so I substituted the above!

10. Worst Choice of Alternatives:
Sigh, can’t believe I forgot this one…

9. Least Respect From Fansubbers:
While it seemed like Sayonara Zetbuso Sensei kept getting dropped and picked up by many groups (insert mandatory joke about despairing over SZS here….), at least it did manage to be completed. Then Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro was only only up to episode 6 (by two groups), and Moyashimon was only up to episode 8 (despite three groups), when I started this article. Given that, the prize was going to go to Moyashimon’s bacteria, but then Kiki Delivers, well, delivered on the last three episodes, albeit in January. Meanwhile, NEET and Catchphrase are still no further than ep. 7 of Manin Tantei, with February looming. Therefore, the mystery-eating demon takes the prize.

8. Worst Decision to Drop a Series:
My deciding to quit watching Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagen just before it got awesome. ‘Nuff said.

7. Worst Mecha show/concept:
Dragonaut tried, it really did. Organic dragon/mech/spaceships. But really, how can you beat the absurdly laughable idea of solar-powered mechs fighting battles to end all war? I want to giggle just thinking about it. Go, go, gadget Gundam 00!

6. Worst Mismatched Romantic Rivals
Nagi and Nishizawa, from Hayate the Combat Butler. The dragon vs. the hamster girl.

Poor Nishizawa-san. I really have to feel for her, up against a filthy rich loli tsundere. Hayate should just forget about both of them and run away with Maria.

5. Worst “Oopsie” During a Peace Conference
Lelouche, for accidentally Geassing his own sister, the idealistic Princess Euphie, to order the slaughter of all Japanese.

4. Worst Lack of Testosterone (in history).
Hands down winner, Shungo Ninomiya. See the prior list. I mean, it’s established by the end of the series that Mayu’s succubus drain will only activate against Shungo if she kisses him on the lips. Given that she vamps him at every opportunity, and Reika is right there for the taking (alternately willing to surrender herself to Shungo, take him by force, or berate him, depending on which personality is in charge), there is no way that any non-gay male could have failed to screw the (somewhat limited) brains out of either of the girls, probably both. I mean, come on, in the ED they’re gang tackling him in the bath, stark naked, and he’s trying to get away. Talk about a suspension of disbelief. I haven’t seen a guy this stupid since Takeya in DearS! Did Mayu get his balls back then, as well as his memories?

3. Worst Stagecraft During a Dramatic Entrance:
It’s so bad, I can’t even say. I mean, really. What’s wrong with this picture? Hint: those scarves are really well-starched, because in this scene, they aren’t moving at all. While that’s a cost saver, it would have made the error even more apparent, if they were moving.

2. Worst Bloodbath:
For sheer numbers, Euphie and Lelouche should take it, but unfortunately, they get caught up in that whole “Kill one person and you’re a murderer, kill a million and you’re a politician” bit. (This is the future, we don’t do “statesmen” any more.) As for Higurashi, the Sonozoki twins decided to hang up the nails, and try to figure out the crazy time loops. Given that, there is truly only one choice for this award. Rather than a picture, I have just two words: “NICE BOAT” School Days for those of you who don’t get the reference; the one where one jealous girlfriend kills the boyfriend (keeping his head), then kills the other girl and dissects her to see if she’s really pregnant.

1. Most Terrifying Cabbage Roll:

I love animé. What else could give me the opportunity to say, two years in a row, “It’s a head of cabbage. (I think….)” Well, ok, last year it was “a head of lettuce” but once again, work with me, ok? Yes, the only cook more horrifying than Shana, is Wilhelmina herself.

And that’s it for another year. See you in January 2009, with the next “Worst of!”

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