The Real Problem…

Over at Steven’s place, a discussion of payola in blogging turned to animé reviews, and one blogger in particular got mentioned because he’s the only one who seems to have given a positive review to the latest offering from ADV: 009-1

Yech. I watched the first episode from the link at ANN. It was silly and just not interesting. Waaaaaay too derivative of early James Bond.. In a nutshell: “Big-breasted robot girls with bad 1960’s hairdos fight the Cold War 100 years from now.” Although I did appreciate it for the opportunity to make Ropponmatsu jokes, thanks to the ol’ rocket-launcher-in-the-knee trick.

Funny thing is, when Hung did his first review, I thought to myself “Darn! Nobody sends me free copies of anything to review! Maybe they don’t like what I have to say.” Then the real reason occurred to me: “Y’know ‘Ubu,’ maybe that’s a drawback to this whole anonymous thang.”

Bah! Bah, I say!

Update: I thought Steven was a little harsh… but the truth is, I stopped reading Hung’s reviews after the first one as well. If I go into a review with low expectations and then like a show for exceeding them, I’m going to say “I went in with low expectations.” In fact, this is exactly the case with He is My Master, for which I have the review written, but haven’t added the screencaps yet.

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