Buy A Robot Today!

Via Instapundit, The Top Five Robots You Can Buy — Today! I want #2, and I’ll take the optional wrist guns, targeting system, eyebeam lasers… wait, what do you mean, “those aren’t available yet?”

Sadly, “Screeching Chewbacca,” a Jr. High science club product of (who else?) The Stainless Steel Brat, is not among them. You see, apparently she got paired off with a couple of loafers that just half-assed their part of the job, so the wires to the controls got reversed, and moreover, the rubber drive wheel was in contact with the metal frame, so the first time they fired it up….well, you can imagine. So she named the robot.

Well, anyway, the story had myself and Dr.Heinous in stitches in a restaurant; I’m sure the other patrons thought we were demented. Not to say that they were wrong, that is. I mean, we did consider putting together an entry for “Battle Bots” a few years ago. Never got past the talking stage, because (p)Resident Evil moved to Austin.

Perhaps the SSB just needed to be a little older at the time….

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